INTUITION is always right in at least two important ways: It is always in response to something. And it always has your best interest at heart.”  Galvin De Becker

Have you ever had a “feeling” about something?  A hunch that telling you that you should or shouldn’t do something but don’t explain why. Something in your “gut” that is telling you- don’t go there, don’t date him/her, or don’t do this.  That’s INTUITION.  No matter what form the “feelings” take-some hear a little voice, some may experience visions, while others may feel it deep in their gut, INTUITION lets us know that we need to take some kind of action or, warns us to be cautious.  If we listen and pay attention to our INTUITION, it can bring us great rewards and may be life-saving. But if we ignore it, it can lead to some very life-altering, dangerous, and even deadly outcomes.   Last week, my INTUITION spoke loudly and clearly, but I chose to ignore the guidance that was provided and it cost me.  Throughout the day, 3 numbers kept popping up in my head, I ignored my INTUITION and didn’t play them.  The numbers hit that night and paid $588 dollars. I was angry at myself and questioned why I hadn’t trusted my INTUITION and wondered if others questioned theirs too.  Have you ever experienced INTUITION?  Did you ignore it?  Or did you listen and make the decision based on your INTUITIONI KNOW I have!!   So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about the importance of listening to our INTUITION!!! 

The truth is we ALL have INTUITION, whether we acknowledge it or not.  It speaks to us in a quiet, sometimes nagging voice but if we listen, the results can be life-altering, life-saving, and life-changing.  According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, INTUITION is defined as, “a feeling that guides a person to act a certain way without fully understanding why.” INTUITION prompts us to make decisions so quickly that they don’t register with us on a conscious brain level.  It’s that feeling in our gut that something is off, or needs to be further investigated.  INTUITION encourages us to act without thinking or having a reaction.  My question is, do we listen to our INTUITION? The answer is, not in all instances.   This weekend I watched one of those news shows, either 48Hrs or Dateline and it told the story of a beautiful young lady who was tragically killed in a boating accident.  It began when a group of 7 or 8 friends were hanging out drinking and decided to go for a late-night boat ride to the next town, where the driver decided to stop at a bar for some more shots. The video showed them stumbling out of the bar-headed to board the boat for the trip back home.  The driver was driving at high speeds, crashed into a bridge paver and one of the girls flipped out of the boat and was found days later 5 miles down the river.  All of the survivors expressed their reluctance to stop for more shots because they knew the driver was unsteady when he was drunk.  Yet, they chose to stop and ride back with him anyway.  They didn’t understand that those feelings of reluctance were actually INTUITION.   Sadly, this story could have ended much differently if just one of them had listened to their INTUITION.   Which made me wonder why we sometimes ignore our INTUITION.  

It’s a fact that not everyone follows or believes in INTUITION or its ability But for those of us who do, we recognize that INTUITION serves as a guide for our protection and have learned the importance of listening to it.  Yet, INTUITION requires action. We must be willing to speak out and leave the situation even if it makes others feel uncomfortable and I vividly recall a time when I had to do just that.  While home from college, some friends and I attended a party on a military base.  During the party,  we went to the car to smoke some weed.  We began puffing and passing when my INTUITION kicked in and signaled danger.  Consciously my mind hadn’t processed what I was doing so it sent me a danger message via my INTUITION and I gladly listened.  At that moment, I realized that smoking weed on government property was a crime with penalties and consequences that I was unwilling to face, so after sharing my thoughts with them, I immediately exited the car.  I knew I couldn’t bring that shame to my parents, or risk a federal criminal case for a dumb-ass decision.  Not me! I listened to my INTUITION. I may not have listened to those numbers, but I certainly listened when my INTUITION sent me a message that the situation was life-altering. 

For me, there’s no denying that these “feelings” we call- INTUITION– exist and are a real thing.  There is also no denying that it’s our choice to either listen to it or ignore it.  When we ignore our INTUITION we block its ability to communicate with us making it difficult to send the message it’s intending for us to receive. INTUITION combines and utilizes all of our intelligence- our minds, hearts, and our bodies, to deliver us messages.  However, to unlock these messages, we must develop a “mindful mentality” and be tuned into our thoughts. We have got to be confident in our ability to hear and respond to our INTUITION. Had those young folks recognized that their reluctance was their INTUITION, I am convinced the outcome would have been different. So, protect yourself, activate your INTUITION by trusting your instincts.  Activate your INTUITION by paying attention to your thoughts and developing a “mindful mentality.” In an effort to establish safe, loving, and long-lasting relationSHIPS, start letting your INTUITION GUIDE and PROTECT YOU!!!

SHIP TALK: Have you ever experienced INTUITION?  Did you ignore it?  Or did you listen and make the decision based on your INTUITION

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2 Replies to “INTUITION!!!”

  1. I agree Darren. It certainly takes practice to hear it. I’ve learned that intuition is nothing more than GOD’s aligning with our thoughts. Thanks for the comment.

  2. My intuition has has actually saved my life many times. Other times I’ve ignored it and it cost me dearly. I have tried to train myself to listen to that small still voice and heed its warnings and I truly believe the more I am aware of my intuition my life has gotten better

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