When we generalize and judge people quickly without taking ample time, we’ve chosen a shortcut. It’s superficial of us, and a lack of wisdom.”
Assegid Habtewold

Have you ever disliked someone that you didn’t even know? But, why? How is it even possible to dislike someone that we don’t know? If we don’t know them, then our dislike MUST be based on what we’ve read or heard about them? But, how can we prejudge someone based on what we’ve heard and NOT what we’ve actually experienced?  The reality is, we CAN’T and it’s wrong. However, I am pretty sure, we’ve all done it at some point in our lives. I know I have. But why? Are we envious? Is it jealousy? Or are we just haters?

Unfortunately, I ‘m embarrassed to admit that I’ve made judgments about people that I didn’t know too. Although it’s a rare occurrence, it has happened. I had no reason to dislike them but I did. For example, even though, I don’t know him and have never met him, I strongly disliked Steve Harvey. My dislike was solely based on things I’d read and heard about him. Stories of his bitter divorce, cheating his ex-wife out of millions, ripping his staff off, that without proof, I CHOSE to believe. I, without verifying the validity or vetting the sources even shared these stories on facebook.

One morning I turned on my favorite radio station KJLH, only to discover it had changed its format. It was now syndicated and was airing the Steve Harvey Morning Show. I was already sick of seeing and hearing him but now, I was FORCED to start every morning with Steve Harvey. Damn, Damn, Damn!!   For weeks, I HEARD the morning show with the intent NOT to like it. I would HEAR his morning mediations but when I started LISTENING to them, I loved them. I came to enjoy these daily tidbits of wisdom that he’d share. Instead of irking me, I began to understand that his morning rant, “I got a radio show ya’ll” was NOT an attempt to brag, it was his praise to GOD.  Through his radio show, Steve Harvey began to dispel my preconceived notions of WHO I thought he was and revealed WHOSE he was. 

Through his morning show, I realized that nothing I had ever read or heard spoke of his journey or who he was as a person. Nothing I ever read or heard spoke of his spirituality or his steadfast love of GOD. Nothing I had ever read or heard spoke of his unwavering faith in GOD. Nothing I had ever read or heard spoke of his humanness, his generosity, his willingness.  Nothing I had ever read or heard acknowledged that he credits GOD for ALL of his success. Through his radio show, he speaks of GOD’S love, mercy, grace, and forgiveness EVERY DAY it airs.

I’ll admit, I jumped on the dislike Steve Harvey bandwagon prematurely but through his radio show, I gained the wisdom and insight to quickly jump off. Honestly, I am disappointed in myself for being so judgemental and petty.  Because that is NOT who I am or aspire to be. Since we already know it’s impossible to judge someone else’s ability and life’s paths without knowing their actual life experiences, the next time we do, I suggest we take our own inventory to determine why.  Because disliking someone based on what we’ve heard or read robs us of experiences that can possibly enhance our relationSHIPS with ourselves and others.

Although I am sure Steve Harvey could care less how I felt about him, out of earned respect, I feel the need to apologize for choosing to believe all the negative crap that I had either read or heard. So Mr. Harvey, please accept my sincerest apology for judging you based on UNTRUTHS.  I was wrong as two left shoes and for this, I APOLOGIZE!!

SHIP TALK: My dislike WAS Steve Harvey who is/was yours? Did your view of that person change? Did ever get to know them? Are you friends? What did you learn about yourself?

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  1. Great writings! However, I have had some dislikes over the years. But, because the love I have for My God all those thoughts have dissolved. I would say its growth and maturity. Keep up the great writing.. Love Steve Harvey keep grinding!

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