If someone seems to be getting away with doing something wrong, maybe GOD’S just giving them a chance to make it right. Be patient. GOD SEES everything, and has a very good memory.” Unknown

Life has a tendency to always add extra portions to our already full plates. It seems like just when we’ve gotten our portions down to a manageable size, here comes life dumping us another heaping helping of “responsibility”. Despite, us saying NO THANK YOU, life is persistent, it will continuously keep serving us up more and more helpings. However, NOT all extra sides are dumped on our plates by life. Some sides are intentionally added by others because it no longer serves their purpose, they are selfish, irresponsible, and because they don’t care. People can cause us problems when they refuse to do their part. When they refuse to consider others in their decision-making. When they screw up and refuse to correct the wrong. These actions may force us to add extra sides to our plates. Has that ever happened to you? Have you had to pick up the slack because someone refused to do their part? It’s unfair, but know that GOD SEES!! HE SEES the unfairness. HE SEES that we are overwhelmed. HE SEES that people won’t always treat us fairly. It happened to me just last week, when I paid for a service that wasn’t satisfactorily delivered. Yet, I remained calm because I remembered that GOD SEES. I had no need to get angry or indignant because I already knew that…… GOD SEES. Do you believe GOD SEES? You know I DO!!! So for this week’s blog, let’s get at it….let’s talk SHIP because GOD SEES!!!!!!

As I pondered the thought- GOD SEES, I thought of a friend who had been on my mind, and finally, I called to check in and catch up.  Actually, my call was to remind her that GOD SEES because I knew she was probably overwhelmed because, although she has 7  siblings that live locally, she’s been the primary caregiver for her 91-year-old mother for the past few years. Three of her siblings help by providing consistent support but most of the caregiving responsibilities lay solely at her feet. She and I have been friends for years. Actually, she was my “EXTREMELY moody” college roommate who I knew loved her space, independence, and her family. She’d retired a few years ago but because of her caregiving duties, hadn’t spent any time enjoying any quiet, and peaceful moments.  Instead, she felt robbed since the projects on her “things-to-do when I retire list” had remained undone. I knew my friend had a bunch of stuff going on and may have forgotten to take the time to pause and breathe. I understood that she probably needed to take some rechargeable moments and I felt compelled to call to remind her that GOD SEES. I needed her to know that GOD SEES her overwhelmedness and her deferred dreams. I needed to remind her that GOD SEES all that she endeavored. I assured her that-GOD SEES her dedication. HE SEES her willingness to love, care for, and provide for her mother. HE SEES the sacrifices that she makes in an effort to keep HIS commandment by honoring her mother. I called because I knew she needed to be reminded that indeed, GOD KNOWS and GOD SEES!!!

People are already overwhelmed just dealing with life on its own terms but life seems to always find something else for us to do or something else that we’ve got to be “responsible” for. It may seem intentional. It may seem personal but it’s not. You are NOT alone, everyone gets extra sides, whether we want them or NOT. Yet, when people shun their responsibility it adds extra sides to our plates or the plates of others. But, their selfishness is not our problem. It’s how we respond to their selfishness that makes the difference. Even when we are overwhelmed with the stressors of life, we need to trust and believe that GOD SEES !!

As my friend and I wrapped up our 2-hour conversation, I shared with her that GOD SEES the loving memories that she is creating with her mother and that GOD SEES the security and comfort that she’s provided to her mother. I assured her that GOD SEES her heart. That GOD SEES her willingness just as clearly as HE SEES their unwillingness. I reminded her that GOD SEES their sabotage efforts. GOD SEES their selfishness and HE SEES their unhappiness. GOD SEES their inability to keep HIS commandments. I encouraged her to accept GOD’S gifts of time with her mother and to use every second, minute, hour, day, and night to mold and create more memories. All of us are stuck in the busyness of life, but I encourage you to take some time to check in on your relationSHIPS. At some point in time, all of our SHIPS, in order for them to remain healthy, will require maintenance. So check in with your overwhelmed friend-straighten their crowns and let them know that GOD SEES and SO DO YOU!!!

SHIP TALK: Has life or someone added extra sides to your plate? How did you respond?

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5 Replies to “GOD SEES…..”

  1. I would love for you to be a guest blogger…just stay with the relationSHIP theme….and let’s talk about it. Think about it, I would love to host you. Let me know.

  2. Man, I am experiencing this as we speak. Already got a blog post prepared but I can’t release it because HIS work remains unfinished. I’m chillaxin waiting and expecting right outcomes. It should be over in a few weeks and I can’t wait to share my testimony. Praying for you my friend. You got that mustard seed type faith, You know GOD can work out a lot with a little belief. Thanks again.

  3. Aww…my friend. I am so glad to hear from you. YOu have been on my mind. You good? You still trusting GOD? You know GOD sees you right? I thought you would have responded to the verdict but I am so glad you enjoyed this one. I am trying to do this for real. I LOVE throwing my opinion out there for others to see. You know I’m trying to carve a ministry pleasing to HIM> Thanks for the support. Love…that woodluv4life

  4. My Good friend, you are getting too good at this, and i see his hand in this as well. very proud. and ya pop, he know. he know .

    with respect Mr Stephen D. Bean

  5. God sees, and he talks, or sends his answers by other means. He dont butt in or bogard. he aint loud. you wont see him. but you know its him. not a feeling you can feel, it is a calm, clear experience and his way usually works out for everybody. ive personally learned to be still and let him pull up. sometimes, he reminds me that (still,) i have what i need to be what i should be. thats blessed.

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