“GOD has given you a gift, why not open it”? Habeeb Akande

Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year.  It’s a season where everything seems as if it’s a thing of beauty. Beautifully decorated houses throughout the neighborhood displaying brightly adorned Christmas lights. Streets lined with trees wrapped in foil donning big red ribbons and silver bows. The smell of fresh pine from beautifully decorated Christmas trees. Egg nog, Christmas movies, and music, especially the Temptations Christmas album, are a few of my favorite things about Christmas. Reflecting on the fond memories of Christmas pasts-being together as a family, singing and reciting lines in the church Christmas plays, the gifts given, and those received– still brings a smile to my face. I must admit, Christmas still excites me. However, I DO realize that as beautiful as those things are, the real meaning of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, my LORD, and SaviorHIS birth was a magical experience that exemplified love and BECAUSE of HIS birth, we are the recipients of some invaluable GIFTS. Even though we know the birth of Christ is the real reason we celebrate Christmas, we often get caught up in the accoutrements of Christmas and the hoopla of gift-giving when instead we should be focusing on the GOD-GIVEN GIFTS we’ve already received.  Have you unwrapped your GOD-GIVEN GIFTS yet? What GOD-GIVEN GIFTS have you received? I’m still receiving and unwrapping mine!! So, for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about the importance of unwrapping and sharing our GOD-GIVEN GIFTS!!

GOD gives us ALL gifts!!! We ALL have some type of GOD-GIVEN talents or skills and that’s our GIFT. It may take some of us longer to discover what our gifts are, but we have them.’ We’ve ALL been blessed with GOD-GIVEN GIFTS in the form of talent and/or skills. But, our gifts aren’t always obvious. They don’t come in big boxes but they do NEED to be unwrapped. So once we find our gifts, then we must unwrap them. You may be a gifted beautician or barber, but first, you have to unwrap the gift. You may be a gifted painter, chef, or writer, but first, you have to unwrap the gift. You may be gifted in organizing, logistics, or computers, but first, you have to unwrap the gift. You may be a gifted social worker, counselor, athlete, singer, comedian, or entertainer, but first, you have to unwrap the gift. Whatever your talent or skill is, once you find it and unwrap it, you’ll discover your GOD-GIVEN GIFTS. These GOD-GIVEN GIFTS weren’t given to us so that we’d become rich and famous, although it can and does happen, they aren’t given for that purpose. In Genesis 12:2, it tells us that we are blessed to be a blessing. This means that GOD didn’t give us our gifts for our own benefit, HIS gifts have a purpose. According to 1 Peter 4:10, we’re called to use our gifts to serve others as faithful stewards of GOD’S grace. GOD gave us these gifts to bless others and to further build up HIS Kingdom.

This year has been a trying one for millions of people and families who are concerned with keeping a roof over their heads or worried where their next meal will come from, may find it difficult to remember the meaning of Christmas. Because of their circumstances, they may not be able to see that Jesus is the reason for the season. Unwrap your GOD-GIVEN GIFTS and be a blessing!! Find a ministry or agency that is distributing Christmas gifts, donate toys, or gift cards for a family in need. Volunteer your time. Adopt a family. Feed the homeless. Do whatever you can this Christmas to share your GOD-GIVEN GIFTS with someone in need. There is always a need that can be filled if we are willing to use our GOD-GIVEN GIFTS to be a blessing to others.

Jesus is the reason for EVERY season, and we can make every day feel like Christmas by unwrapping our GOD-GIVEN GIFTS and using them to bless others. GOD wants us to use our GOD-GIVEN GIFTS to benefit others and to glorify HIM all year-long.  So, if your GOD-GIVEN GIFT is singing, sing for Him. If your GOD-GIVEN GIFT is painting, paint for HIM. If your GOD-GIVEN GIFT is teaching, teach for HIM. If your GOD-GIVEN GIFT is writing, write for HIM. No matter your knack or niche, show HIM thanks for your GOD-GIVEN GIFTS by sharing them with those who don’t know HIM. Unwrap your GOD-GIVEN GIFTS and use those talents and skills to be a blessing to others!!

WhatstheSHIP.com would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a NAPPY NEW YEAR!!

SHIP TALK: What is your GOD-GIVEN GIFTS and talents? Do you use them?

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  1. This is beautiful and a true reminder of the Gift of the Father to us Jesus. I could not agree with you more. Thank you for sharing. Merry Christ mas to you and your family. God bless you all.

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