“Being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful. It means you will love and be loved for the rest of your life.” Lisa Weeds

I’ve always known that FAMILY was important, but it wasn’t until my dad’s passing, that I actually realized just how much. Despite the nature of their visit, it was a blast reconnecting with my family, particularly my cousins As they started to leave, one by one and in groups, I recognized that for them, Family was First. The definition of the word “family” can mean many things-from shared bloodlines and ancestors to a household consisting of parents and children. But, to me, family is more than that, family is first.

Family provides us with many of our first experiences. Parents teach us how to love unconditionally, how to be vulnerable, and how to accept constructive criticism. Siblings teach us how to fight, love, and share and cousins are our confidants and our first friends. Family is one of the most meaningful relationSHIPS that we will ever have. Family represents consistency and comfort. They are our shoulders to lean on, our inspiration, our love, and our support. They are wonderful and very necessary entities.

As humans, we are not designed to be alone, we are built for relationSHIPS. We are created within families because it is family that provides us with the emotional connections that we naturally yearn for and seek. Understanding that not everyone has a traditional family and in that instance, I say choose one. Although we can’t choose whose blood runs through our veins, those friends that show love, compassion, and support are the family we choose.” Robin Roberts best summarized this sentiment beautifully when she said, “The best part of life is when your family becomes friends and when your friends become family.” And I couldn’t agree more because my family are also my friends.

Family is one of the most important, if not the most important thing in our lives. Recognizing this truth, we should make every attempt to strengthen the family. We should laugh every chance we get. We should listen more than we speak. We should pray for each other. We should love and cherish our families by-letting go of past resentments, disagreements, and grievances. We should honor family by letting go of the need to be right and by accepting family members for who they are NOT who we think they should be. By doing these things, we will foster an environment of peace and love amongst family.

So let’s begin to put family first by taking time every day to appreciate them for who they are and for their contribution and commitment to ensuring that the family love remains strong and intact. To ALL my family and cousins, I really love you and appreciate your support. You’ve proven that Family is FIRST!!

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9 Replies to “FAMILY IS FIRST”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree that Family is First, always have, always will. I’m always happy to be with family, not just during an annual family reunion or God forbid another member in our family has passed. I’m talking hanging out together at non-family events, being there for each other when one is ill, volunteering a little time at their child’s school,etc. Family means Everything, they are #1❤

  2. Family is everything! I’m very close to my oldest sister and my younger cousin is our baby sister. We have such a beautiful level of trust and devotion to each other. I have friends that I love like sisters and feel the same way. They are reliable and lovely. God gives us who we need to draw us closer to Him, there are.m the sisters that he chose for us! Love this post and couldn’t agree with you more. Love you!!!!!

  3. I was raised in a close family unit. My siblings are much older than I, so I was everyone’s baby, including my cousins. My Mother loved helping family members by having them to live with us whenever someone moved to California from our roots in the South. My first cousins are like siblings to me. We all cry and love on each other at every Family Reunion and gathering that we attend. Even with arguing and disagreements, we still support one another and enjoy each other. Family is first and should be the first point of contact ( after consulting God ) when needing support. A strong family bond is necessary in Life. My Mother use to say to us “y’all be good to each other, you’re all you got”.

  4. Amen! Words to live by daily with thanksgiving for God’s family/friends blessings XOXO

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