“The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” Proverbs 16.9

Normally I am a creature of habit.  I live by a  calendar filled with appointments for work, social engagements, and activities.  I even plan time to relax and do nothing.   Although I enjoy adventure and variety, I don’t always embrace impromptu events and activities.  Why?  Probably because they are unplanned and I prefer things to be organized and planned out. I am NOT the spontaneous type, I’m more of a stick-to-the-plan kind of person. A CHANGE OF PLANS, to me, means that I have to reshuffle things on my to-do list. But, recently I was reminded of the joy that spontaneity brings when we are willing to have a CHANGE OF PLANS. Are you like me and live by a calendar? Are you set in your ways? Or are you a drop what you doing, I’m down kind of person?  I AM GETTING THERE!!!  So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about the willingness to have a CHANGE OF PLANS!!!

Last week, I received a text from my cousin’s husband, letting me know that they were putting their Palms Springs condo on the market and wanted -my mom, sister, and I- to visit before it sold.  I texted, when?  He said this weekend!!  I grabbed the calendar to check my availability and discovered it had the usual tasks that would make the upcoming work week easier -cleaners, grocery store, get gas, Costco, etc.   I then checked in with my family, and since none of us had any pressing “must-do tasks”, we gladly accepted the invitation.  I texted him back, that we’d be there Saturday, leaving Monday morning.  He responded great, see you then.  I texted back does my cousin know?  He responded, of course, and provided the address and gate code.  Since I love Palm Springs, I was excited about this CHANGE OF PLANS.     

My cousin and I finally spoke about and solidified our weekend plans.   We’d get massages, go out to dinner, brunch, and hit the casinos.  Once we arrived, we toured their beautiful condo and headed out for our massages.  After our relaxing massages, we had another CHANGE OF PLANSInstead of getting out and doing stuff, we wanted to stay in and relax.  We wanted to enjoy the condo, lounge in their pool and jacuzzi, and just relax for the remainder of the weekend.  So we grabbed a couple of pizzas for dinner and stopped by the grocery store for breakfast food and something to bbq for dinner the next day.  We were set for the weekend.  We spent the next two days in the pool reminiscing, laughing, and enjoying each other’s company.  I was so happy that we had a CHANGE OF PLANS because doing so, allowed us to have an absolutely FABULOUS weekend.

Life is meant to be lived, so don’t be like the “old” me, a creature of habit. Accept those impromptu invitations for unplanned adventures.  Enjoy those unplanned moments. Don’t live by the calendar, be flexible.  Be willing to have a CHANGE OF PLANS. Instead of an errand-filled weekend, having a CHANGE OF PLANS allowed me to enjoy a peaceful, restful, love-filled weekend with my cousin Michael and his husband, Rob. This weekend taught me the importance of abandoning my calendar, being spontaneous, and simply going with the flow. So my advice to you is to be spontaneous! Allow yourself to experience more of what life has to offer, even if it requires having a CHANGE OF PLANS!!!

SHIP TALK: Are you bothered when there is a CHANGE OF PLANS? Why?

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4 Replies to “CHANGE OF PLANS!!! ”

  1. I agree. I am trying to let go and be more spontaneous and I am making a point of being flexible and not living so much by the calendar. I mean this weekend was proof of how beneficial it is. Glad you can relate…..cause I thought I was the only one…Thanks for your support Angie!!

  2. Hi Val! Sounds like you had a blast in Palm Springs and good for you! What I’ve heard is that, “spontaneity is the spice of life!” and I’d like to think that’s a good thang 😉!

    I’ve read many articles and books that talk about living in the moment. Living in the moment can also include being spontaneous. Living in the moment is enjoying what’s happening now and living for today.

    While I must admit I too am a planner (EVERYthing is on my calendar – 😂), I often have to remind myself that being spontaneous can be very beneficial for our emotional health!

    CHEERS 🥂 to being spontaneous!

  3. I am not either but your husband doesn’t know what he is missing. Plan something and don’t tell him, he’ll love it. Thanks for your support.

  4. Not bothered at All!!! I love that you went! My husband is not spontaneous…. ugh… opposite from me

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