“I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me.” Philippians 4:13

Technology is an evolving field that has become a major part of our everyday lives.  We use it daily for most things- for work, to find work, for school, to video conference, to order food, to shop on-line, etc.  Some people really embrace technology and master it skillfully, whereas others, like me, dread it and only learn what’s essential to complete a required task. Trust me, I am NOT technologically savvy at all.  I can complete enough basic functions to get by. I can-send and receive emails, create a PowerPoint presentation, connect with Zoom, and a few other things, but that is pretty much it.  Not good at troubleshooting problems, nor am I good at understanding how to correct error messages. Essentially, performing technological tasks beyond my skillset gives me anxiety.   Doubt and disbelief quickly fill my mind and I begin to question my abilities.  My mind replays over and over the thought, “you can’t do this.”  How about you?  What’s your fear?  When facing it, do you find yourself saying, I can’t do this?  I’ve said and believed that phrase plenty of times but that was about to change. Because now circumstances required that I face my fear of technology, and while doing so, I learned I had to believe that I COULD and CAN DO ALL THINGS!!!   So, for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about the importance, of believing that we CAN DO ALL THINGS!!!  

I’ll openly admit that when I have limited knowledge of something that makes me doubt my abilities, I have a tendency to avoid it, or pay a specialist to complete it for me.  But I’ve learned that is not always a possible option. Sometimes we are forced to face our doubts and fears head on, figure it out, and just do it.  That’s how my 2023 started, when I was forced to face my fear of technology– and questioned if I could. Here is what happened…. a friend created and designed a website for our greeting card business-www.nappyXpressionz.com.   The website was (is) beautiful. When he developed the site, we knew that because of his busy schedule, he wouldn’t be able to maintain and update it but, we figured we’d hire someone with his expertise who could assume the responsibilities of managing the website. Even though, my friend kept insisting that I didn’t need to hire anyone, he believed that that I COULD DO it myself, but mentally I didn’t believe that I could.  My mind immediately went to self-doubt, and my thoughts reaffirmed what I’d already believed... I couldn’t do this.

In October 2022, we launched the website selling only Christmas and New Year cards, so we had a few months before it needed to be changed and updated. So, I reached out to my cousin who was experienced in website development, but she had just got married, purchased a house, and was just too busy to tend to our website. Now, it’s the last week of December and it became obvious that the site wouldn’t be updated any time soon. This meant we’d still have Christmas cards up in January and I was panicked and didn’t know what to do. Feeling defeated, I immediately began talking and praying to GOD and before I could say amen, I heard GOD say, “I gifted you this business and I want you to know every aspect of it. It’s your business, be involved.”   All of a sudden, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. I was no longer phased with the appearance or the timeliness of the website, instead I wanted to learn about how it functioned. GOD”S WORDS reminded me of something that I already knew…that I CAN DO ALL THINGS. I quickly called my friend who designed the website and told him that NOW I KNEW and BELIEVED that I COULD and CAN DO ALL THINGS, we made an appointment, and he began training me. NOW, I monitor and maintain our website. I upload our cards, create videos ads for reels and social media, create marketing campaigns, etc.  I explore the features of the hosting site to ensure that we are taking full advantage of the services that we are paying for. Oh, I still have a lot more to learn, and am still in training, but honestly, I am proud of what I’ve accomplished and how far I’ve come. Once GOD reminded me that with HIM, I CAN DO ALL THINGS, I became extremely motivated and confident in my abilities. Now I am eager to learn more and more about technology…..well maybe just my website. LOL.

Yawl, I faced my greatest fear-technology, and am KILLING it!! This experience taught me that the key to conquering fears is believing that we CAN!   It’s true, all that is required of us is to believe that we CAN DO ALL THINGS through Christ Jesus who strengthens us. Believing and affirming this simple but impactful FACT, can change the way we perceive problems.  We will begin to see ourselves bigger than our fears. Believing that we CAN DO ALL THINGS creates in us a solution driven mentality. Believing presents us with clarity and direction. Believing that we CAN DO ALL THINGS releases those bottled-up negative thoughts of self-doubt and replaces them with confident and empowering thoughts of certainty.  So, whatever your fear is, or what negative self-doubt you’ve conjured up in your pretty little head, let it go. With confidence, start affirming and believing that you CAN DO ALL THINGS through Christ Jesus who strengthens you……. because YOU CAN!!

SHIP TALK: What’s your fear? Do you believe you CAN DO ALL THINGS?

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