“The chickens have come home to roost.” Malcolm X

The first week of this New Year-2021 has hit the ground running. In the first 6 days of the year, we’ve already had a few historic and notable moments in America. On Tuesday, January 5, John Lewis’ former pastor-Raphael Warnock, and his former intern-Jon Ossoff got into some GOOD TROUBLE when they both won Senate seats in a racially contentious runoff election in the state of Georgia. And on Wednesday, January 6, despite the current president’s allegations of voter fraud, the Senate convened to count the electoral votes cast from the election and to confirm Biden and Harris as the official President and Vice President of the United States. But, just as these proceedings were getting underway, they were interrupted when an armed and violent mob of primarily WHITE rioters descended on Capital HILL with the task of taking back their country declaring that the orange guy was still the president. BREAKING NEWS America’s foundation has always been rooted in racial disparity but has never been as evident as it has been in these past few days. So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about some of the racial disparities that resulted in BREAKING NEWS!!!

During the Georgia Senate race, the Republicans ran a campaign rooted in hate and fear but it backfired, big-time. Warnock’s and Ossoff’s win ended the 6 years of Republican Senate control. Their historic wins give Democrats control of all 3 branches of government- Executive, Senate, and Congress– a power that they hadn’t had since 2011. Meanwhile, in Washington DC, before the electoral hearings, the orange president held a rally where he and his cronies reiterated their election rigged false rhetoric. The president encouraged this violent and armed mob of his supporters to go to Capitol Hill and stop the senate hearings, so they did. They marched to Capitol Hill chanting “Hang Mike Pence”. BREAKING NEWS, because the president is a liar and a sore loser, he knowingly incited insurrection.

As the armed and violent mob arrived at Capitol Hill, they displayed confederate flags, signs, and symbols of racism, hate, and white supremacy. With very little police presence, the mob scaled walls and used axes and shields to break windows to gain entry into the Capitol. They took selfies as they sat in the Senate Chamber and in the senator’s offices with their feet on the desk. They rifled through confidential paperwork, stole a laptop, and a lectern. The mob was pushing and shoving the police in an effort to gain access and the officers retreated. They grabbed the officer’s face gear, smashing it deeper into his face. The video even shows some of these armed rioters posing with officers for selfies. BREAKING NEWS, it was evident that the police were doing nothing to stop, curb, or hinder the efforts of this armed and violent WHITE mob. The reason why there was no attempt to stop this armed and violent mob was that they were WHITE.

As I continued to watch the proceedings, I realized that the BREAKING NEWS was that a violent mob of WHITE folks, folks that look just like them, challenged those senators to dispel their preconceived notions regarding the color of crime. Those terrified senators found out that day that crime comes in WHITE too. WHITE folks in the Senate were terrified as they hid behind seats as the violent mob banged on the chamber doors. WHITE folks in the Senate discovered that folks who look like them are thugs too. WHITE folks who looked like them came into their place of work and robbed them of every drop of privilege, sense of security, and comfortability that they once had. WHITE folks experienced the fear and panic of being in a crisis and wanting and needing the police but they don’t respond. This mob of violent WHITE rioters changed the lives of these WHITE Senators forever. Each time they report to work they will have to walk over that WHITE girl’s dead body. The chamber will never feel the same either. Every time they enter the Chamber room, they will forever see the panicked faces of their friends and colleagues taking cover somewhere in the room. This experience has forever changed and altered their WHITE experience. And to think, the irony is that it was WHITE folks that looked like them that were the thieves who forever robbed them of their sense of security and privilege.  BREAKING NEWS WHITE folks learned that WHITE folks can be and are dangerous.

WHITE and Black folks both know that if the armed violent mob were from BLM the outcome would have been much deadlier. There would be NO pushing and shoving police officers, There would be NO selfie moments. There would be a deadly blood bath. The BREAKING NEWS is that NOW America sees the sharp contrast regarding the differing treatment of police offers when interacting with African American’s. When and if the question of racial disparity is ever honestly addressed and resolved that would certainly be BREAKING NEWS !!!

SHIP TALK: What are your thought on the Georgia race? Do you think the current president incited insurrection?

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6 Replies to “BREAKING NEWS”

  1. What a tragic day in America. We have our share of problems the root runs deep but I never thought citizens of this great country, would over throw what we hold dear to our hearts ♥️ democracy. While sleeping dogs turned their heads to the slippery slop, propaganda and realism, the plot was planned and gave birthed and executed. It unleashed every conceivable evil. Even with the insurrection, the lie continues: it’s all for Patriotism! They say. It tells us how quickly the fire 🔥 of lies can build an army. That old subtle serpent raised his foul head and sought out those with all kinds of ideation and connected them to destruction. 45 is the leader and those who saw no evil 🦹‍♀️ heard no evil 🦹‍♀️ and covered their mouth 👄 will reap what they have sown. This governmental table has shattered. It may take time to rebuild but we will. Watch and pray. Georgia 🇬🇪 Stacy Abrams took her pain and used it for power. That’s the hope that’s MLK, John Lewis and others are talking about. Acting and standing in the face of adversity. We will be victories. Because Jesus has overcome the world . Amen 🙏🏾

  2. It was a terrifying experience. I agree-these folks are their neighbors, friends, and relatives. I was just grateful that they looked just like them. I want to see if after they handle the orange guy if they will address the disparity of police treatment in America. They should this put the fear of GOD in them.

  3. It was a true eye opener for them that is for sure. People want to claim it was Antifa. Nope it was your friend, co workers, policemen, firemen, military folks and government officials that did this to their safety and security. Now they feel what the people of color feel every day.
    I prayed that Georgians would come through and change the Senate and they did. Even though they had to fight tooth and nail they did it. And of course the orange ass incited the mob of terrorist to do what they did. He told them he would be there with them and of course he was hiding somewhere enjoying what he created. I read that he was very unhappy that the terrorist he sent to the Capitol were low class looking. What did he think people wearing Chanel, Gucci, Prada and such were going to be there? Dude these are your people. The ones you want that are up to your standards are not messing with you. You know they are under cover and wouldn’t be seen in a crowd like that.

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