” The Lord will keep you from all harm and HE will watch over your life.” Psalms 121:7

Catching the virus and having to be hospitalized for it has been one of my greatest fears during this pandemic and still, I am on the fence about getting the vaccine. Being African American and having respiratory issues, I’m already at a much higher risk of contracting Covid-19, so I had to consider this well-known fact as a variable when deciding whether to get the Covid-19 vaccine. But after months of reading about the pros and the cons of the various types of vaccines, I was still uncertain about whether to get it. Although stories flooded the internet about the successes of the vaccine, there were also stories about people dying after receiving their first dose. So I had questions-Would it work? Would I die? Would l have side effects? – none of which could be answered until I actually got the vaccine.   As I mulled over thoughts of whether or not to get the shot, anxiety began to rise primarily because of my dislike of needles and my mistrust of the government. What about you? Have you had your vaccine? Are you getting one? If not, why not?   For this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about having an ADDED LAYER OF PROTECTION!!!!!                              

As I deliberated whether or not to get the Covid-19 vaccine, I recalled a conversation that I had a few years back with my doctor regarding the flu shot. I never got the flu shot until she suggested that with my respiratory issues, it would be beneficial for me to do so.  She explained that although the shot wouldn’t prevent me from getting the flu, it would lessen the severity of the flu symptoms in the event that I did catch it. She said that It was just an ADDED LAYER OF PROTECTION that I needed to have.    Ironically, the information that I had read regarding the vaccine said basically the same thing.  The Covid-19 vaccine wasn’t going to prevent me from getting the virus, it was going to prevent me from getting the severe symptoms that would result in a hospitalization. Just like the flu shot, the vaccine would simply provide me with an ADDED LAYER OF PROTECTION.  I needed to make a decision whether I’d get vaccinated or not. After factoring in the discussion I had with my doctor and what I had read regarding the vaccine, I made an appointment to get the vaccine because I wanted that ADDED LAYER OF PROTECTION.

Last week after receiving the Johnson and Johnson vaccine, I eliminated any risk of me contracting a serious case of Covid-19 and my questions had been answered, I didn’t die, and other than feeling sleepy and having a sore arm, I had no side effects. The vaccine simply ADDED A LAYER OF PROTECTION to my life. Even though we’ll still need to continue practicing safety precautions-wearing masks, socially distancing, etc.-being vaccinated and having that ADDED LAYER OF PROTECTION would allow grandparents to hug their grandchildren. Having that ADDED LAYER OF PROTECTION would allow friends to gather for a drink and a meal. Having that ADDED LAYER OF PROTECTION would allow individuals to travel and reconnect with relatives and family. Having that ADDED LAYER OF PROTECTION has allowed me to relax my fears of being hospitalized with the virus.

Truth is, I am grateful to GOD for ALWAYS providing me with HIS ADDED LAYER OF PROTECTION and for keeping my family and me healthy and safe throughout this deadly pandemic, and for the ability to recognize and utilize these new medical protections. I am glad that I got vaccinated and encourage you to get one too. I understand that getting the vaccine is a personal decision that one must make for themselves and that I can’t tell you what to do. But I can strongly recommend that you get vaccinated because when you do, you are protecting yourself, your family, your friends, and your community. Give yourself and your loved ones that extra shot of LOVE and get vaccinated because, in these days and times, we ALL deserve and need an ADDED LAYER OF PROTECTION!!!

SHIP TALK: Have you had your vaccine? Are you getting one? If not, why not? 

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  1. I agree. I believe that people should research and weigh their options. Thanks for your support.

  2. Yes getting the COVID-19 is a personal choice and I believe that people should be informed about the pros and cons of getting the vaccine. The only way for people to know is by getting educated and learning about the side effects and complications. This means doing research and getting the facts about all the vaccines out now. Valerie you did a fantastic job of relaying your experience of getting the vaccine. May God bless you with peace, happiness and prosperity.

  3. For years, I never took the flu shot, but when it was offered by medical professionals at my law firm, I started taking it unless I had symptoms of a cold. My approach to the vaccine, with even more reservation based upon the timetable of creation. The reduction from 10 years to 1 year to produce a vaccine seems rushed. Also, all of the safety precautions needed for administration of it, i.e., maintaining a certain temperature, etc., caused concerns. My husband has received his first dose, but I haven’t. I have decided to take the vaccine because he and our son is urging me to take it. I consider myself to be fairly healthy, no underlying conditions, apart from some added pounds that I need to lose, but I exercise regularly, and have begun my journey on my post-Covid 15 weight gain. I have an appointment on for Wednesday to receive the one-shot, J&J shot.

  4. Thanks, Linda, I appreciate your support. Keep reading and sharing with your friends. Trying to grow my readerSHIP.

  5. You just wrote what I couldn’t articulate myself. That’s exactly it. It’s an added layer of protection. It’s a decision everyone must make for themselves but that’s the very reason I choose to do it. You are a gifted writer. Please don’t stop blessing us.

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