I was watching ABC’s “What Would You Do?” hosted by John Quinones and found a scenario about dating interesting and wondered what would you do? Dating can be expensive! If you know you have no interest in him, should he still be responsible for paying the bill?

Scenario: You’re on a first date and you guys are having a good conversation. During the date, you enjoyed a good dinner, laughed, talked and had a few drinks. As the bill was arriving. he asks if he could see you again?

You began to explain that although you had a good time, you weren’t interested in him romantically but would love to be friends. He responds that friends split the bill and he insists that you open up your wallet and give him $40 for your part of the meal.

What would you do?

SHIP TALK: Would you split the bill and pay the $40? Would you leave? What would you say to him? 

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