“We make our world significant by the courage of our QUESTIONS and by the depth of our answers.” – Carl Sagan  

If you’re like me, you QUESTION everything.  But if you really think about it, everything QUESTIONS us too.   As I pondered that thought, I realized that every day most of us respond to some sort of inquiry from others.  Life itself is filled with QUESTIONS. And our lives depend on us responding to the inquiries of others.  To live somewhere, we have to ask and answer QUESTIONS.  If we want to work, to drive, to live, and to love, we have to ask and answer QUESTIONS.   Almost every situation that we encounter requires that we answer QUESTIONS.  Yet, are we asking ourselves QUESTIONS?  If not, we should be!!  We should be asking ourselves, am I happy? Am I being the best version of myself?  Does my walk align with my talk?  Am I working toward my vision? We should QUESTION if our relationSHIPS are working?  Are they good mates for us? Just as we respond to the QUESTIONS and inquiries of others, we should also be asking and responding to our own.   So for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about the importance of responding to our own QUESTIONS?

Asking QUESTIONS is an action used to gain information. They can be verbal, written, or both, but QUESTIONS are asked primarily to ascertain information that may be used for a variety of purposes. For instance, job interviews are filled with QUESTIONS designed to give a synopsis of one’s skills, and abilities. They determine our suitability and compatibility with their company’s goals and objectives. Although job interviews can be nerve-wracking, especially the panel ones, they require us to dig deep for thoughtful, concise, job-winning answers in response to their QUESTIONS. Interview QUESTIONS require us to assess our own skills and abilities and force us to explore our future goals. Interviewing techniques are so successful in extracting information, we should try the same techniques on ourselves to gain some answers. A great interview QUESTION to ask ourselves is- are we happy?

Our greatest goal in life should be happiness.  Our happiness shouldn’t be based on what we own or don’t own, how much money we make or how much debt we are in, where we live or where we don’t, or who we date or don’t date.  True happiness is not contingent upon any of those things.  True happiness begins the very moment we accept- who we are and who we were divinely created to be.   Yet, in order to achieve that level of personal depth, we must be courageous enough to ask ourselves some hard QUESTIONS, especially if we want to have meaningful relationSHIPS in our lives. We need to know- who we are, what we want, what makes us tick, our likes, and our dislikes.  Embarking on a relationSHIP without having a strong knowledge of self may be short-lived and counter-productive.  Because before we can invite others into our lives, we must establish our own happiness first. And the only way to do that is to QUESTION ourselves. 

Ideally, before entering dating relationSHIPS, we should be experiencing true happiness in our own lives So when we choose to enter a relationSHIP with someone, we can ask QUESTIONS with our happiness in mind. QUESTIONS allow us to assess the contributions and the value someone may bring to our lives. Asking ourselves, if we’re inviting someone into our life that adds more happiness? Or do they add pain?  Are we adding someone that adds more peace in our life than sorrow? Are we adding someone that is patient? Kind? These QUESTIONS are important because they are intended to protect our happiness. Although the answers may significantly limit the number of potential mates, it’s an effective screening mechanism to protect our happiness. QUESTIONS require that we take action. In order to receive, we must ask. To find ourselves, we must seek. To open the door of opportunity, we must knock. So take action!!! Let’s ask the QUESTIONS, seek the answers, and knock on the door to unlock our happiness!!!

SHIP TALK:  Do you ask yourself the hard QUESTIONS?

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