“When you act, you’re always playing a version of yourself. You can’t bring more to the role than what you are.”

Bradley Whitford

Love requires personal sacrifices that sometimes can be painful. Because in order to find love, we must be willing to risk getting hurt. Not physically hurt, that is NEVER acceptable. I’m talking about the emotional and mental hurt that leads to some very painful and disappointing moments within relationSHIPS because we don’t actually know each other.

When we meet a potential mate during the “getting to know each other” period it is usually blissful typically because we aren’t being our true authentic selves. Instead, we tend to send our best representative. We send the self who wants to make a good impression NOT the self that actually suffers from some sort of depression. But, after the newness of the “getting to know each other” period wears off, our true nature slowly begins to reveal itself and as the relationSHIP progresses, our guards come down and more of our flaws, more of our insecurities, more of our humanness is exposed.

Now, we find ourselves in SHIPS with people we’ve actually NEVER met. Which makes me wonder, why not be honest and be upfront about who we are and our issues when we first meet? Why not? It could be a part of our introduction. Hello, my name is……I’ve got some issues. Why not be honest? If we were honest, we would save each a lot of time and energy and possibly make some REAL connections. After all, they say there is somebody out there for EVERY body.

So next time we are getting to know someone, let’s be honest. Let’s tell our potential mates during the “getting to know each other” period the truth. Tell them that you are a serial cheater. Why not? Plenty of men and women date and stay with cheaters? Tell them that you are lousy in bed. Why not? Plenty of men and women date and marry partners that offer less than a satisfying sexual experience. Tell them you were released from prison and are on parole. Why not? Plenty of men and women experience love after lock-up. Tell them you like to indulge in drugs and alcohol. Why not? Plenty of men and women date, marry and have dysfunctional lives with drunks, meth heads, crackheads, and potheads.

Truth is, no matter your shortcoming, besides your mother, there REALLY is a man or woman somewhere out there waiting to love you. All you have to do is be honest. People appreciate honesty more than you think. Just be your true, authentic crazy ass self, flaws and all because if we continue to send our best representative, we rob ourselves of the opportunity of meeting our true mate.

So, the next time you are getting to know a potential mate, leave your best representative at home and tell them how jacked up in the head you really are. Tell them you are bat shyt crazy. They may NOT run off because they too may be bat shyt crazy. You never know you just may meet a great man or women who is equally nuts or nuttier than you.

SHIP TALK: Do you think people should be honest about their issues when they first meet? Have you ever dated/met someone who once you got to know them, they were a totally different person? What would be your real introduction?

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