“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve YOUR love and affection” Buddha

Why do we as women accept sub-par treatment in relationSHIPS? Some of us put up with a lot-infidelity, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and much, much more. Why? Is it just to say that we are in a relationSHIP? Is it because we don’t feel as if we deserve love? Do we stay in these abusive relationships because we don’t know our worth? Why do we stay? Is it self-esteem? Or am I missing something? We can’t possibly feel loved when abuse and disrespect exist within our relationSHIPS because that’s NOT what love is or does.

Loving ourselves at its very core determines who we are-it’s our BEING. It’s the first step in being loved and loving others. Loving ourselves allows us to discover our likes and dislikes, our wants and desires, our passions and repulsions, our goals and boundaries. If we don’t understand ourselves, we can’t tell others what we want, which gives them the opportunity and the authority to treat us any way they want. Yet, when we recognize and understand our value and worth, accepting anything less than that is not acceptable or tolerated.

We CAN’t honestly and sincerely LOVE someone without first loving ourselves. Self-love establishes boundaries that disallow certain behaviors because it defines and determines how we want, expect, and allow others to treat us.- good or bad.

Loving thyself is the most lonely BUT rewarding journey that we will ever experience. It’s a lengthy, life long process but its well worth the journey. Yet, while on this journey, our greatest discovery is when we acknowledge our worth and value. And It is this new found knowledge of SELF, that allows us to recognize and fully understand that we are perfectly created and sufficiently equipped by GOD to do exceedingly and abundantly MORE.

Knowing you are more than enough, allows your relationSHIPS to sail smoothly!

SHIP TALK: Do you know your worth? Was it a painful self-discovery period? Was your discovery self initiated are relationSHIP initiated?


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