“Racism is so universal in this country, so widespread, and deep-seated, that it is invisible because it is so normal.”  Shirley Chisolm                  

This pandemic can either be viewed as a curse or a blessing depending on how you choose to view it. It has GLARINGLY exposed the flaws and disparities with this countries leadership and among its citizenry. In this crisis, America has revealed who SHE really is and what’s most important to her. The Coronavirus has made clear that in America –money, and wealth– come before the lives of most of its citizens, especially Blacks, and Latinos. The Covaid-19 virus has shown us that America’s BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN-DEEP!!!

The rush to re-open states when the virus is still growing is indicative that money takes precedent over lives in this country. It’s no secret that the coronavirus pandemic is killing Black and Latino Americans at disproportionately higher rates, largely because the US health system has failed these populations for decades. This fact coupled with the fact that thousands of people are still dying from this virus, while OUR elected officials are aggressively pushing to re-open businesses is obviously racially motivated. Proving that stimulating the economy, regardless of the danger, is more important than the health, welfare, and safety of its Black and Latino residents. America’s GREED surely validates that its BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN-DEEP!!!

Despite the tragic loss of Black lives caused by the virus, Black men are still being blatantly gun downed and murdered. Murdered for jogging, selling cigarettes, driving while black, or walking from the store holding a bag of Skittles. Nowhere on the globe, or in the universe is it acceptable to gun down individuals because of their race other than America. To intentionally kill someone because they don’t look like you is abhorrent racism. No, if’s and or buts about it…it’s hate and there should be NO place for it in America.  America’s HATE speaks volumes and proves that its BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN-DEEP!!!

Have you ever met a person that was physically beautiful but once you got to know them you realize how ugly they are on the inside? If not, meet America. Her ugly personality, lack of morals, selfishness, greed, and hate reveal that her BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN-DEEP. Don’t continue to be fooled, she may be beautiful on the outside- with her spacious skies, amber waves of grain, her snow-covered purple mountain majesties, above her fruited plains- but her CHARACTER- what’s inside and more meaningful -isn’t very attractive at all. America certainly doesn’t behave as if GOD done shed HIS grace on thee. She’s dark, gloomy, and filled with hate, fear, biases, injustices, poverty, and greed-who loves her self- more than country and money more than life. Indeed the Covaid-19 crisis has reinforced that America is shallow and that its BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN-DEEP.

My inspiration for today’s post is this statement “Racism Is so American that when you protest It, people think you are protesting America.” I don’t know who said it but I agree and damn it I AM protesting America.  I AM protesting the very hateful foundation that America was built on. I AM protesting on behalf of every mother that has lost their child to America’s hateful ways. I AM protesting the systematic racism that America instead of abolishing, encourages, nurtures, and feeds. I AM protesting the disparities in health care, socioeconomic statuses, and in education.  I AM protesting every American who doesn’t use their voice to speak out against these injustices who instead choose to remain silent.  I AM protesting your silence. I AM protesting your inability to seek out truth and justice when obvious and hidden wrongs have been committed.  

YES, the Covaid-19 virus has certainly exposed that the country once labeled great is far from it. America’s house may look good on the outside but its walls are built from corruption and dishonesty. Its foundation is firmly built on the silence of injustices. Its interior is painted stark white and the exterior is brightly painted in the colors of fear and hate. This Coronavirus crisis has truly exposed America’s cracks but it can also be viewed as a season of pause which affords us the opportunity to re-boot and rebuild.

In actuality, what if the Coronavirus virus was GOD’s plan? What if HE allowed the virus to happen as HIS protest to the disorder, corruption, and dishonesty in the world? What if this is GOD’s way of giving us a do-over so that we could work together toward change? Because, if we worked together, we could create a country where ALL lives are valued. Where wealth was equally and equitably distributed. Where racist are held accountable for their cowardly actions. Where EVERY citizen through words and deeds would fight against injustices. It’s no secret that America is severely flawed. We know that America’s BEAUTY IS ONLY SKIN-DEEP but I challenge you to help build its character and that starts with us voting and changing our elected officials in November 2020.   

SHIP TALK: Are you willing to work toward re-building the character of America? If so, how?

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