“Self- SABOTAGE is when we want something and then go about making sure it doesn’t happen.” Alyce Cornyn-Selby

The need for PRAYER, at least for me since I’m needy, is a constant.  PRAYER is important because it’s how we build a relationSHIP with GOD.  It’s when we communicate our needs, worries, gratitude, praises, and requests to GOD because we BELIEVE that HE hears, sees, knows, and can act upon them. Since the only way to communicate with GOD is through PRAYER, I find myself yapping about all kinds of stuff with HIM.  While some requests have been answered, I KNOW that the others are being worked on behind the scenes.  After a conversation with a friend I began to wonder, when we pray, do we let go and let GOD OR do we try to help GOD?  Can we SABOTAGE OUR PRAYERS?  Do we SABOTAGE OUR PRAYERS?  Have you ever PRAYED for something and SABOTAGED the PRAYER? YES, YES, and HELL YES!!!  So for this week’s blog post, let’s talk SHIP about how we SABOTAGE OUR PRAYERS!!!

The purpose of PRAYER is not only to build a relationSHIP with GOD through communicating, it also aligns our hearts, minds, and wills to GOD.  PRAYER solidifies-our love for and our willingness to- allow GOD to act and react in our lives.  But when we PRAY, do we trust GOD enough to resolve our situations?  Do we really OR do we try to help?  Receiving and recognizing the answers to our PRAYERS does require some work and patience on our part, it doesn’t require our help.   Because when we try to help, we actually SABOTAGE OUR PRAYERS.

When we trust GOD to hear our PRAYERS, we have to believe that HE WILL answer them.  A friend shared with me an update on a situation she’d been PRAYING for and as I listened, our views on the situation were very different.  She viewed the new development negatively whereas I viewed it as an answer to her PRAYERS.   As we continued to converse, she was able to see my point of view and realized that her PRAYERS were being answered.  They weren’t being answered in the way she’d hoped or expected, but indeed they were being answered and had she responded the way she intended, she would have SABOTAGED her PRAYER.   But how?  When we PRAY and things- don’t happen quick enough, or don’t appear as we expect-we tend to intervene, and as a result, we SABOTAGE OUR PRAYERS

We SABOTAGE OUR PRAYERS when we don’t trust GOD’s timing.  We SABOTAGE OUR PRAYERS when we don’t truly believe it can or will happen. We SABOTAGE OUR PRAYERS when we have expectations on how they should be answered and don’t accept the way they are answered.  We SABOTAGE OUR PRAYERS when we don’t quiet our minds so that we can listen to GOD.  We SABOTAGE OUR PRAYERS when we don’t let GOD lead. We SABOTAGE OUR PRAYERS when we don’t acknowledge that GOD is GOD ALL by HIMSELF.  

PRAYER can and will change our circumstances, if we BELIEVE.   But we have to remember that Santa Claus needs helpers, GOD doesn’t!!  Why?  Cause’ GOD is GOD ALL BY HIS SELF.   So the next time we PRAY, be patient and trust HIS process.  Resist the urge to intervene or help because when we do, we delay HIS answer and SABOTAGE OUR PRAYERS.

SHIP TALK:  Have you ever PRAYED for something and SABOTAGED the PRAYER?

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  1. Thanks Carolyn. I was sharing with a friend that we are our biggest obstacles to answered prayers. We get ancey and want to help but thats impossible. Thanks for your reading the blog

  2. So on point. Thank you for this reminder. I too have sabotaged my prayers. Moving ahead of God. I am not his little helper and I can’t change anything in my life. It is he that is Lord of Lords, King of Kings. It is he who is Holy. I must focus on things above and not below. Trusting that all is well because God got it. Jesus take the lead. I yield. Amen

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