“The good LORD made us all out of iron. Then HE turns up the HEAT to forge some of us into steel.” Marie Osmond

Long hot showers are soooooo refreshing.  There is absolutely nothing more rejuvenating than a head-to-toe shower.  You know the kind when you stand underneath the warm water and allow it to trickle down from your head to your feet.  OMG, there is nothing like it!!  Last week, I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t wait to end my workday.  All I wanted was to get home, take a shower, sip on a cup of hot tea, and get in bed and I did just that. Once home, I got into a steaming shower and let the warm water hit every angle of my body. The water temperature was already comfortable, but I wanted it a little hotter, so I increased THE HEAT.   Now it was too hot, and I was no longer enjoying the shower, so I immediately turned it back down.  Once I was able to restore my shower back to a comfortable, relaxing level, I laughed because I realized that my ability to CONTROL THE HEAT, changed my entire experience.  Which made me wonder, if we would CONTROL THE HEAT in our lives, would it change our experience. I believe it would!!!  So, for this week’s blog, let’s talk SHIP about our ability to CONTROL THE HEAT!!

HEAT is a form of energy that we feel as temperatures. It can be felt as warmth or hotness which is probably why summer is my favorite season.  I absolutely enjoy warm summer days but extremely hot days, NOT so much.  Although none of us can CONTROL THE HEAT on extremely hot days, we can CONTROL how we respond to it.  Most of us, when THE HEAT becomes too hot, hide in the shade or in an air-conditioned room until the temperature becomes bearable again.  Sure, we can hide from THE HEAT caused by the weather, but we can’t hide from THE HEAT in our lives.  What is THE HEAT in our lives?  THE HEAT in our lives represents the troubles/trials that we may experience or encounter.  THE HEAT reflects situations that we find ourselves fighting- medical/health, cancer, infidelity/bad relationSHIPS, alcohol/drugs, low self-esteem, gossip, domestic violence, dishonesty, debt, lack, etc.  Do we have the ability to CONTROL THE HEAT in our lives?   Yes, we certainly DO!!  How?  By recognizing that our HEAT has purpose. Just like HEAT is used to help us cook, iron our clothes, and to make cars, our personal HEAT has purpose too.

The book of James 1: 2 -18, explains that the trials and tribulations (HEAT) that we experience in our lives essentially has five purposes.  James tells us that GOD HEATS up our lives in order to help us grow, (v. 3-4) By remembering GOD uses the HEAT to strengthen our soul. To drive us to seek HIS wisdom, (v. 5-8) Ask GOD because HE is eager to help us.; To clarify our perspective, (v. 9-11) The HEAT forces us to realize the need to show humility and compassion; To focus on HIS goodness, (v. 12-17) blessed is the one who perseveres under trial and can focus on the reality of GOD’S goodness; and To remind us that we belong to HIM. (v. 18) HE chose to give us birth through the WORD of truth. Truth is we will always have HEATtrials and tribulations in our lives, and we should be happy about it. James (vs. 2) tells us that when we feel the HEAT, to consider it pure joy whenever we face trials of many kinds because it teaches us perseverance. THE HEAT in our lives has purpose and that is for us to rely on GOD and to trust HIS work.

GOD is intentional.  HE knows what HE is doing when HE allows the HEAT in our lives to be turned up, we just don’t. Because if we did, we’d realize that we have the ability to CONTROL THE HEAT in our lives.  We can either TURN IT UP or TURN IT DOWN, the choice is ours. I encourage you to stay in the kitchen and CONTROL THE HEAT because when we do, we will unleash GOD’s power throughout our lives. When we CONTROL THE HEAT, we give our lives purpose while also restoring and/or creating a peaceful, relaxing, and comfortable level of living. You are the one responsible for the thermostat, so CONTROL YOUR HEAT!!!

SHIP TALK: Can we CONTROL THE HEAT in our lives?

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4 Replies to “CONTROL THE HEAT!!!”

  1. Thanks Althea. I receive those blessings and wishing the same for you and your family.

  2. Enjoyed today’s message. Thank you Valerie! God keep blessing you and family, and work, daily.

  3. GOD’S timing is perfect. Once we CONTROL THE HEAT in our lives, our experiences will change too.

  4. Val, your blog this week was amazing! It’s so akin to the Bible plan I JUST completed, Cultivating Joy. Many of the words you mention in your blog, perseverance, joy…were the exact words mentioned in the Bible plan as well as my devotional this morning, Resetting my Life.

    In summary, it is within our control on how we live our lives. Reading our Bible daily and sanctifying (resetting) our lives in His image. With the help of the Holy Spirit, one will be able to reset the areas of their life where they want to experience change.

    Bravo Val 🙌🏾 🙏🏾

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